The Yellowstone Expeditions Yurt Camp

The Photographer's Yurt Camp...

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The Yellowstone Expeditions Yurt Camp is the perfect base for photography excursion in Yellowstone National Park. Photographers can be into the wildlife rich Hayden Valley (only 5-miles from our door step) before the sun rises. The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River is located only 1/2 mile from the Yurt Camp with plenty of landscape photography within a short drive or snowshoe. Day trips from the Yurt Camp can be taken to many of the Geyser Basins in the Park. The menu items to the left will help explain the setting at the Yurt Camp.

The Yurt Camp (elevation 8,000 feet) is located in a small meadow surrounded by a pine forest, only one-half mile from the Grand Canyon and Falls of the Yellowstone River. At the camp, cross-country skiers can enjoy the comforts of an outfitted, heated, base camp with private heated sleeping huts, and a common gathering area in the dining room Yurt. The availability of a camp shower, sauna and a heated (and well lit) outhouse increase the level of comfort well above that of your ordinary winter camping experience! The Yellowstone Skier's Yurt Camp is accessed by a 40 mile snowcoach shuttle from West Yellowstone. Our location in the heart of Yellowstone is unique: there are no other overnight visitor accommodations within 35 miles of the ski camp.